4 Best Note Taking Techniques

Take a moment to have a look on your note taking strategies and figure out whether there is a need to make improvements that can make your note taking more efficient. After all, creating good notes will play a very vital role in your final grades. Get habituated in creating your notes in the best possible way that suits you and follow these practices. This technique will help you, not only this year, in fact next year too and indeed while going forward into your professional life.

When taking notes in class, do not try to translate each and every single word the teacher says in the lecture, instead, just pick up the main points. This will assist you to remember the essential information. Below are the most important strategies one can adopt while studying.

Split Page Method
This kind of Note Taking Technique is where you divide the page vertically into two sections. The first is the main idea and then is the secondary ideas.
The idea is that the time you are taking notes, you are organizing everything simultaneously. This method may need some adjustment at first but in the long run, it will assist you to optimize properly, the study time while using the notes.

Visual Aids
This technique is based on the use of visual aids to enhance how the brain processes information. It includes using pictures, diagrams, graphs, etc. Rather than writing long paragraphs of information, the brain follows the information serially. The use of colors as well as other visual elements such as different sized letters, also called super-notes, favors the user. Because of this, Mind Maps are becoming one of the most popular and effective Note Taking strategy. These resources make it possible to create ideas as well as connections easily in a visual environment. The Mind Map tool includes a function that permits you to “Convert to Note“. This allows you to transfer all the information on your Mind Map to a digital Note with just a single click.

Symbols & Abbreviations
No matter which Note Taking technique you opt to take notes, there will be many a time situation, when you cannot keep pace with the class as well as your wrist will start to hurt you from writing. Therefore, it is necessary that you develop your own language of symbols so that you can write more content with little effort. Once the class gets completed, you can always “translate” your notes that you wrote during class. This will help you have your own ‘language’ of notes.

Underline Key Points
It’s advisable to underline the most necessary learning concepts of the lesson, as they will appear more clearly and you’ll be more focused to memorize them. Besides, the notes will be less monotonous and you can re-read them more quickly, as you can use the underline parts as a guide and won’t have to read the whole text every time you go to study. It is crucial that you adapt to your own style as well as stick with the ones that will bring you success.


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