7 Tips To Crack NEET exams In First Attempt

When commencing to prepare for an exam, the initial step should be to create a timetable that will help candidates in planning either through topic-wise or subject-wise. It must be ensured by the aspirants that the timetable is followed accurately. The timetable must be made in order to cover the topics which can be revised more than one time. This strategy will offer candidates with an accurate picture of their schedule in the forthcoming months as well as will help in cracking NEET exams in first attempt itself.
1. Divide your time- 
Students must divide their time in such a way that an adequate amount of time is set to each session while making a strategy on how to crack NEET exams in first attempt. Prioritize the topics that are important and study them properly. Ensure to take small breaks when studying for continuous long hours.

2. Set deadlines-
Planning when to finish one topic and the complete syllabus will be useful considering there are hardly any months left in the first session of NEET. Aspirants should set shorter as well as larger goals for themselves at the same time. Shorter goals will assists candidates in knowing the topics completed each day whereas the larger ones will assist in understanding how much they need to complete to crack NEET in first attempt.

3. Study Material- 
Get the relevant study material to study for NEET UG. There is hardly any dearth of books in the market but for competitive exams like NEET, one must know the study material which is important. 

4. Comprehensive Study- 
Try to write notes of each and every topic that is being completed to understand it better. This will be helpful during revision. As the NCERT textbooks cover up almost the entire syllabus of NEET, students must make sure that they are familiar with every topic of NCERT from end to end.

5. Evaluate your performance- 
Schedule little time out to revise the topics. Create flashcards if aspirants have a problem in retaining the concepts. Write a note of all the doubts that you are facing on the way and take assistance from the guides and books. This will be useful in scrutinizing the performance of each day and in this the student can be his/her best judge.

6. Solve last year papers-
Practicing previous years’ question papers is important for students aiming to crack NEET exams in the first attempt. NEET question papers will assist in understanding the level of the exam and the most important topics.

7. Revise incorrectly attempted question- 
Post every mock test, focus on the wrong answers and begin to work on the weak areas. Ensure that you don’t make recurring mistakes. This will raise the candidates’ proficiency in NEET.


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