7 Ways To Score High Marks In Bio Board’s Exam

All the bright students today are worried about their percentage in the board’s exam. Apart from revising the topics, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while studying for your board exams. In this blog, the top seven ways are jotted down to help you score high in Bio Boards exams.

1. Avoid writing everything that you know

Students now days prepare so properly that they know approximately all the things related to all the topics, but get confused during writing in the exam. Not sure about the decision, how much to write on a particular topic depending on the weightage of marks assigned for that specific question. Students are many times confused and blank about how much to write under 5 marks, 4 marks, 3 marks and even 2 marks questions.

To be clear, you must read the questions properly, pay attention to the language and analyze that what exactly the question is on.

Many times students write a long answer for just 2 marks question and waste their time which they must actually avoid doing it. This avoidance would benefit you to complete your paper on time as well as let you give proper time on the important questions.
2. The Experiments

It’s mandatory that you will get an experiment to write in the exam, so you have to practice them. First, you have to define the term, then further draw the diagram and label it accurately and in the end prefer writing the result of the experiment. Everyone must write the explanation to the diagram as it has marks, and that’s what every student wants.

3. Diagrams

Diagrams are quite necessary for Biology. Even if it’s not asked in the question to draw the diagram, students must still draw one. Draw wherever it is possible but make sure you don’t waste much of your time. Be smart to know when and where diagram should be made and how much time it would take to complete it. It becomes easy to remember the diagrams in exam only if you practice it by drawing it.

There is a chance of getting at least two diagrams in the Bio board exam. Try to keep the explanation short but make sure that it comprises of all the important information so that you can fetch good marks easily.

4. Illustration of answers

Presentation or illustration of answers is quite vital. Students many times face confusion related to what exactly to write. To clear this chaos you need to write as per the weight age of the question and then explain it via a diagram. This kind of presentation is sufficient to get 5 marks for a 2 marks question thus not giving any chance for the examiner to deduct marks.
5. Dealing with ‘Ecology’ question

Ecology is a quite interesting topic that can get you more marks than estimated. While answering on this topic, you must give a real-life example for all the explanation. The examples should be of any current flood, forest fire, earthquake, etc.

There must be a proper use of facts in the answer during Bio board exam. And prefer using as many technical terms as possible like deforestation, afforestation, etc.

6. Motivation

Motivation is the most essential aspect. If you are quite motivated and have that tendency to perform then you will surely be able to crack it. The motivation to practice and study daily before the board exam and then to write for 3 hours continuously on the exam requires the next level of motivation.

Always keep in mind that this one exam can make a big impact on fulfilling the qualifying criteria of competitive exams.


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