Best 5 Ways to Clear JEE Main Exams

JEE Main is said to be one of the difficult exams in India which needs determination as well as hard work to crack. With the below best 5 ways to crack JEE Main given, the students can learn the success mantras to stand out in this exam. Aspirants mostly commence preparing from their class 11th so that they could score well in the exams. There are two levels of Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) namely JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Main is held by National Testing Agency (NTA) two times a year rather than the CBSE, while JEE Advanced will be held by a designated Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
Here are the best 5 ways to Crack JEE Main Exams:
1. Place your Goal:
When a person or individual sets a goal and have confidence to complete the target, the hard work lets you get it. An individual should be positive and believe that if you can trust on it, you can surely achieve it with the honest efforts and should stick to it thoroughly so that preparation is done aptly. Preparation for JEE Main could bring tiredness that can reduce the motivation levels as aspirants keep themselves away from family. For such condition, one should look for webinars, v-logs, podcasts besides gaining the knowledge from books only.

2. Make a specific timetable: 
These kinds of exams need a lot of preparation as well as proper time schedule. Preparation for JEE Main requires focus on the preparation of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and also needs a lot of practicing of mock tests previous year question papers. If there would not be a specific planning or an arrangement to go with the syllabus, it might leave the individual lost and confused.

3. Consistency:
Students commence preparing for the JEE with quite more confidence and willingness but sooner or later get bored. JEE Main preparation needs too much of dedication, concentration and as the days pass by one must dedicate more time towards the study. One should stick to the study schedule made and commence preparing for it consequently. Success can only be attained by working brilliantly towards preparing for the JEE Main and being constant throughout the preparation time.

4. Revision:
 Students should focus on all three subjects i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each and every student must refer the previous year question papers as it will give them a rough idea of the pattern as well as the type of questions that can be asked in the JEE Main exam. Toppers of JEE Main exams every time go through the previous year question papers and considers them as the vital part of the study material. Attempt the mock test as this will give you an idea of how properly is your preparation done and the places which needs improvements. During the last days of exams, rather than wasting time in going through the subject topic-wise, one must go through the notes made by themselves and revise their subjects properly.

5. Strong Lifestyle: 
Individuals appearing for the exam mostly neglect their health and have an unhealthy lifestyle during this time. Consuming healthy food and avoiding junk food will assist in gaining nutrition to your body as well as brain. Besides this, one must involve themselves in outdoor sports activities and do yoga. Sometimes you must also listen to music to calm your mind and play indoor games like carom or chess that can enhance your concentration skills.


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