NEET UG 2020: The Finest Ways For Biology Preparation

In NEET exam, Biology is considered to be the highest score carrying subject, can guarantee you definite rank if you have studied well. The questions of Biology are centered on basic concepts of NCERT. As both zoology and botany have equal marks, also proposing that equivalent attention is to be funded on the preparation of both. You can do so by joining any of the top biology coaching classes in Latur.

Here are top ways for biology preparation in NEET exams 2020:

  1. During the preparation of NEET Examinations, NCERT books is thought out as one of the best, but it is not the only book which will be utilized to pass NEET 2020. Buying of study and exercise material will supplement your requirements along with your biology class in Latur.
  2. You must be prepared for the subjects as per NEET weightage. For stress-free preparation, every topper must categorize the chapters in three parts. A number of biology coaching classes in Latur will help you in categorizing the chapters. These 3 parts are:
  3. i) Top most priority chapters,
  4. ii) Must not ignore chapters and

iii) Last in the list chapters.

In ‘Top most priority’ category, the chapters are selected as per the weightage and marks. So, the subsequent chapters come under this category.

  1. a) Biological Classification
    b) Principles of Inheritance and Variation
    c) Morphology of Flowering Plants
    d) Cell: The Unit of Life
    e) Animal Kingdom
    f) Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
    g) Human Reproduction
    h) Environmental Issues
    i) Ecosystems

In ‘Should not ignore chapters’ class, the succeeding chapters fall under this category:

  1. a) Molecular Basis of Inheritance
    b) Human Health and Diseases
    c) Body Fluids and Circulation
    d) Neural Control and Coordination
    e) Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
    f) Anatomy of Flowering Plants
    g) Locomotion and Movement
    h) Microbes in Human Welfare
    i) Photosynthesis
    j) Chemical Coordination and Integration
    k) Evolution
    l) Excretory Products and Their Elimination
    m) Biomolecules
    n) Organisms and Populations

In ‘Last in the list chapters’ category, the subsequent chapters fall under this category:

  1. a) Structural Organization in Animals
    b) Cell Cycle and Cell Division
    c) Reproduction in Organisms
    d) Biotechnology and its Applications
    e) Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
    f) Digestion and Absorption
    g) Transport in Plants
    h) Reproductive Health
    i) Mineral Nutrition
    j) Breathing and Exchange of Gases
    k) Plant Growth and Development

3) Run-through to solve the previous years question. This will aid you to understand your ability in addition to improving your confidence. Keep in mind that for Biology topics, NEET previous years papers is the finest abode to practice and revise. You can also take the help of Biology Classes in Latur.

4) After studying every topic you must answer the exercise questions which are given in the text book. Comprehend the questions that were asked in previous year papers from the same topic to get a clue of what type of questions was put forth from that particular topic.

5) Finally, candidates are suggested to use highlighters to spot the vital points. This will assist you throughout revision without wasting your time.





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