Preparing For NEET Online During Coronavirus Lockdown

With the delay of main entrance tests such as NEET owing to the Corona virus Pandemic, academic schedules of millions of students and institutions across India have been thrown out of gear.

While school and NEET coaching classes are closed down amidst Covid-19 precautionary lockdown, students are imprisoned at home. Parents are definitely concerned about their studies and future. For those students who aspire to prepare for NEET, must start studying for these competitive entrance exams right from home during quarantine time.

NEET coaching classes are conducted online on e-platform so that students are not left behind and make the best use of their time. These online NEET coaching classes are explicitly designed to be delivered 100 percent digitally and comprise of a full range of interactive learning materials, with an individual action plan and end of course evaluation for each learner.

Though offline NEET coaching classes have been the default option for students that includes medical aspirants, for the vast groundwork of entrance exams. But now with the significance of digital classrooms in lockdown, NEET online coaching is turning into a popular mode among the aspirants.

Let’s check some of the key benefits of NEET online coaching which provides more value to medical aspirants during their time in lockdown.

  1. Online NEET Courses Are Convenient

The major advantage of an online NEET course is that your classroom and professor (theoretically) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can log-in and watch the recorded online lecture anytime you want. Your mere excuse for missing lecture is not getting online! Else, everything is available to you. You can receive announcements, access study notes, review assignments, practice test series, discuss questions, chat with fellow students and study any time you feel like. Other than some due dates, you create your own schedule for finish the requirements of the online NEET course.

  1. Online Courses Bring NEET Studies Right To Your Home

Online students often experience that their family too get involved in the e-course. Parents might look over the shoulder of an online student when they are exploring across the web. In short, everyone in the house gets involved in e-learning. Getting  the support of your family and friends increase your probability to succeed.

  1. Online NEET Courses Provides Personal Attention

Since you have a direct pipeline to the professor via e-mail and Whatsapp, you can get your questions answered straight away. Many students feel shy asking questions in class for notion of feeling stupid. The digital platform (hopefully) removes that notion. Many times, you think of a doubt after class or while you are studying. Instead of trying to remember to ask it or forgetting it, you can simply send an e-mail or drop a whatsapp to the professor. Your opportunity to learn is boosted.

  1. Online NEET Courses Teaches You To Be Self-Disciplined

No one is pressurizing you to go online and study. No one is there to make you ask questions or put up responses. The enthusiasm to study in an online NEET course comes from your inner self. It’s something we call as student-centred or dynamic learning. The online student takes responsibility for their e-NEET course of studies and develops into an individual for whom knowledge and achievement are highly valued. In a nutshell, your success depends on you!

  1. Safety Of Students In The Covid-19 Pandemic

We are well aware of the imminent circumstances led by Covid-19 Pandemic, where health safety is more than a priority. With online NEET Courses, your wellness is ensured and your studies are unaffected. This will help you study, stay stress-free and remain safe within the premises of your home.


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