Top 4 Ways To Study For NEET During Quarantine

It is natural to feel ambiguous about what lies ahead in the upcoming days especially in times such as these when the entire world is fighting to survive and collectively battling a war to save humanity. We’re sure most medical aspirants too might be concerned about how to study for their NEET which presently has been postponed tentatively to the final week of May.

To begin with, it is important to continue to retell yourself why you have made up your mind to select this career path. The COVID 19 pandemic has proven how vital the medical workers are for the sustenance of citizens. Being sure about your goal while being ardent about it, can be a powerful force in your NEET preparation by acting as a solid motivating factor.

Here are the top 4 ways

  1. Design A Day Plan

It is important to design a plan for your whole day with proper allocation for studies in addition to time for relaxation. When it comes to NEET preparation, it is vital to be cautious about the way you utilize your time, as your prime knowledge comes in handy even when you’re endeavouring your paper, when every second is important and time lost straight away translates to losing of potential marks. With sufficient time in your hands you can make use of it to study all important topics before the exam which, not to miss, is just some months away, along with emphasize on topics that you feel uncertain or less assured about depending of your past experiences. This is principally the best time to ensure all of your fundamentals are rock solid.

  1. Practice Is Essential

It is of prime importance to remember that there are only a limited number of ways in which you can examine your knowledge in relation to the subjects, hence by practicing as many question banks as conceivable, you can turn out to be aware of all the possible questions that can be asked concerning a certain topic.

  1. Take Time Out To Relax

As mentioned earlier, suitable allocation of time for relaxation is as important as study time. This time can be very awesome for the UG aspirants as the widely known fact now that exam tension and uncertainty is to take a toll on your mental health. Thus, the students must ensure to take best care of themselves. Having a healthy sleep pattern helps, and you ought to ensure that they have as a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Some students consider staying up late in the night to study whereas some believe in waking up early to study, whatsoever be your time allotted for sleep, you got to ensure that it doesn’t overlap with the time at which the exam would be led as over time your body might get habitual to this pattern and you might feel tired or sleepy  during the actual exam.

  1. Keep Your Body & Mind Healthy

Apart from this, it is also crucial that the student dedicates time to some sort of exercise, to keep the body lively and engaged, and the brain fresh. Due to the quarantine, everyone is required to stay within their homes and thus the sole option which remains is some sort of home bound exercise that includes yoga or strength training at home. Including meditation for some minutes would also help ease the mind. If not meditation, extracting some time for your hobbies or anything else that you’re enthusiastic about, can act as an amazing stress buster.


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